Below you will find links on our Uniform and Equipment specifications for CS Marines.  Also, links to some recommended sutlers.  It is recommended that you consult a member of the unit when in doubt about uniform and equipment specifications.

CSMC Uniforms and Equipment

** Please note: this list is not a strict list that must be followed.  Check with others to keep up with current information as new research comes available.  As new sutlers come available, they will be added.  If you find equippage from other sutlers that are not on this list, please consult with a member of the unit before purchasing to make sure the items are within guidlines.
Notice New Recruits (and Veterans):
    New recruits ("fresh fish") have 12 months to purchase their initial items. After 12 months, however, fresh fish (who at this point are becoming veteran volunteers) no longer have priority on loaner items.  A general note of caution to all new members (and even some old hands): Few things are more annoying than an individual who makes an inappropriate purchase then approaches other reenactors asking them, "Is this O.K. for me to wear?" Avoid the hassle. Ask before you buy, that way you won't get stuck with something you just won't be able to wear.
    The following standards are stiff. Few reenactors presently meet these standards; however, they are goals to which every reenactor should aspire to (and can) achieve. For a short time, standards will be relaxed to get and keep soldiers on the field. This does not mean that there are no standards; it is still an ask- before- you- purchase system. For current  members, your present gear is grandfathered and is acceptable for now. However, any replacements or new purchases of gear should comply with these guidelines.  Keep in mind, you may not need to duplicate purchases on many of the items you need because they can be used for both CS/US impersonations.

What is Expected:

1st purchases: 

2nd purchases:

3rd purchases:
Personal Touches:
    As you may or may not know, the hobby is always evolving as new information is uncovered.  With the current standards in the hobby, thee are things that you may want to do to improver your uniform's look.
      - Handsew your own button holes, do your own top-stiching.  This simple chore can
        really transform your uniform to a progressive image
Co. D, CSMC Uniform Guidelines