Confederate Soldiers
Alexander - Barefield Family Cemetery
  Northeast edge of Hollandale Cemetery
  Hollandale, Mississippi
Barefield, Stephen T.
Standard, Stephen
Pvt; Swett's Co., Warren Ms Lt Arty
Pvt; Co. C, 19th Ms Inf
04-06-1839 to 12-06-1875
          1835 to     ???
Cletonia Cemetery
  Cletonia Landing, One mile SE of Hollandale
  Hollandale, Mississippi
Hollingsworth, Joseph Andrew
Wood, William
Pvt; Co. C / G, 3rd Ms Inf
1st Lt; Co. E, 24th Al Cav
11-29-1847 to 10-03-1941
03-04-1842 to 06-27-1912
Erwin Family Plot
  Single grave South of Shutt House
  Shutt House, Lake Washington Road
Erwin, Victor Flournoy
Pvt; Co. D, 28th Ms Cav
10-18-1846 to 01-29-1885
Greenfield Cemetery
  Lake Washington Road
  Glen Allan, Mississippi
Allen, Dr. William George
Baldridge, John Samuel
Cowan, Tarlton B.
Griffin, William

Harris, William Mercer
Hauff, James Edward
Lee, Israel S.
McNeily, John Seymour
Peyton, Elijah A.
Peyton, Murray Milton
Phipps, Richard B.
Smiley, Alpheus N.
Smith, Marshall R.
Wakefield, Marshall S.
White, Francis F.
Youngblood, William Alexander
Pvt; R. H. Baker's Scouts, Co. E, 18th Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. K, 1st Ms Lt Arty
Pvt; Co. G, 1st Ms Lt Arty (Cowan's)
Pvt; Co. C, 18th Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. L 1st Ms Lt Arty

18th Ms Inf
Cpl; Co. D, 6th La Inf
Capt; Co. A, 21st Ms Inf
Lt. Col.; F-S, 3rd Ms Inf
1st Lt; Co. A / K, 3rd Ms Inf
Pvt Co. E, 4th Ms Cav
Pvt; Co. D, 28th Ms Cav
Pvt; Co. F, 3rd SC Lt Arty
Pvt; Co. D, 28th Ms Cav
CSA Vet. on 1910 Census
Pvt; Co. A, 31st Ms Inf
04-12-1846 to 01-12-1922
03-17-1847 to 12-29-1932
07-20-1826 to 07-16-1899
04-09-1836 to 09-21-1911

03-19-1841 to 08-01-1917
04-25-1845 to 10-22-1896
03-29-1844 to 02-21-1924 CH
11-20-1841 to 07-16-1924
05-09-1823 to 02-25-1906 CH
05-14-1837 to 11-08-1916 CH
10-23-1848 to 09-23-1912
04-09-1834 to 09-24-1872
          1847 to 09-10-1915 CH
              Died 11-01-1873
11-14-1844 to 10-01-1922
06-11-1845 to 12-26-1916