Confederate Soldiers
Itta Bena Cemetery
  MS Highway 7 South
  Itta Bena, Mississippi
Appling, John Rufus
Barry, Micheal
(Benton, R. S.)

(Berry, Mike)
Lloyd, William Henry
Moore, John Henry
Morris, Fredrick B.
Newer, Edward Eugene
Rainey, Woodson V.
(Reese, Rance C.)
Reese, Ransom G.
Rochell, Henry G.
Tate, Benjamin H.
Webb, William Henry
(Whitefield, Joseph)
Young, William Humphreys
02-18-1835 to 02-29-1908
no dates, Conf. Headstone
          1841 to 1911             nm
07-09-1843 to 1914             nm
06-18-1852 to 06-29-1924
07-20-1844 to 10-01-1925  CH
01-07-1841 to 01-07-1910
03-16-1840 to 09-30-1892  CH 
03-08-1843 to 10-2001931  nm
03-04-1845 to 10-31-1933  CH
03-08-1843 to 10-20-1931
05-06-1837 to 09-03-1906
           1833 to 1899
12-08-1845 to 01-02-1919  CH
05-09-1841 to 01-12-1931
04-25-1821 to  04-25-1865

Pvt; Co. F, 23rd MS Inf
Pvt; Co. A, 10th MS Inf
       Co. G, 35th MS Inf
Pvt; Co. B, La Inf / CSA Navy

Pvt; Co. C, 24th Ala Inf, "Dixie Boys"
Pvt; Co. I, 39th Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. C, 30th La Inf
Pvt; Co. G, 21st Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. F, 1st MS Lt Arty
Pvt; Co. E, 44th MS Inf
Pvt; Co. F, 14th MS Inf
Southern Cross at grave site
Pvt; Co. E, 4th MS Inf
Pvt; Co. B/E, 5th MS Cav
Sgt: Co. B, 5th MS Cav
died a POW at Camp Chase, OH
buried in Sec 38, Lot 1918
National Cemetery at Columbus, OH
McNutt Cemetery
  Two miles West of Schlater, 1/4 mi North of Hwy 442 on County Road 426
  Schlater, Mississippi

Brosius, William K.
Castles, Benjamin F.
Caton, A. S.
(Hargrove, B. F.)
(Hearn, Alfonso)
Gleeson, John A.
Mitchell, David T.
(Outlaw, Drew A.)
Schrock, Jonas
Pvt; Co. G, 5th NC Cav (63rd St. Troop)
Pvt; Co. G & I, 7th Ala Cav
Pvt; Co. A, 46th Ga Inf
Pvt; Co. I, 21st MS Inf
Pvt; Co. A, 1st MS Cav
Sgt; Co. B, 3rd Ms Inf
2nd Lt; Co. B, 4th Ky Cav
Lt. Col; F & S, 12th TN Inf
Pvt; Co. C, 15th Ms Inf
09-25-1828 to 01-10-1899
12-06-1846 to 01-16-1932  CH
01-26-1847 to 11-27-1894
          1838 to                      nm
05-08-1837 to 02-23-1930   nm
          1834 to 1912
12-09-1840 to 02-24-1918
03-12-1832 to 01-16-1898   nm
          1835 to 1902
Odd Fellow Cemetery
  Carrollton Avenue
  Greenwood, Mississippi
Austin, H. N.
Baskett, Lewis Turner
Browning, J. W.
Chapman, Thomas L.
Chatham, William Cicero
Coleman, S. R.
Cooley, H. W.
Deane, George G.
Dulaney, Dr. John William
England, John Thomas
Flanagan, J. S.
Gardner, William W.
(Good, Jacob M.)
Hicks, John W.
Howell, William J.
Johnson, William E.
(Killingsworth, John A.)
McLean, Thomas S.
McLemore, Dr. R. S.

(McMath, William A.)
McNeill, W. W.
(Montjoy, Gideon, Sr.)
Parish, Robert Preston
Peel, David Lawson
Pettey, Hilliard Woods
Pillow, Walter
Poindexter, William Green
Price, Rev. J. W.
(Stevens, Leroy)
Stinson, A. F.
(Townes, John Charles)

Wheeler, James Fort
Whitehead, Dr. N. E.
Whittington, W. D.
Williams, Thomas E.
Williamson, Robert White
Yerger, Lemuel Purnell
          1847 to 1919
02-09-1830 to 12-27-1902
          1834 to 10-08-1904
01-24-1840 to 09-05-1902
01-19-1838 to 09-24-1923  CH
10-19-1847 to 01-08-1923
05-04-1842 to 11-23-1918
10-25-1842 to 01-18-1916
02-27-1847 to 03-02-1920
          1837 to 06-14-1871  CH
05-28-1829 to 04-05-1865
11-14-1829 to 05-08-1910
03-05-1840 to 04-21-1885  nm
04-24-1836 to 09-16-1912
05-19-1831 to 11-14-1903
12-19-1847 to 03-27-1910
05-09-1843 to 10-12-1901  nm
06-23-1844 to 07-13-1918
08-28-1837 to 11-24-1905

01-02-1844 to 05-01-1921  nm
06-16-1849 to 11-27-1919
03-09-1844 to 11-23-1920  nm
10-20-1843 to 11-10-1882
06-22-1839 to 07-04-1911
09-02-1849 to 10-23-1918
08-20-1844 to 05-12-1920
07-09-1842 to 10-11-1893
07-19-1840 to 03-08-1920
10-22-1845 to 04-15-1915  nm
          1837 to 1916
03-18-1838 to 09-04-1907  nm

09-21-1824 to 11-30-1906
12-25-1840 to 03-25-1905
11-27-1833 to 09-18-1919
06-29-1844 to 01-20-1929
08-16-1832 to 07-09-1908
10-18-1846 to 01-05-1928

Pvt; Co. B, 37th MS Inf
2nd Lt; Co. I, 21st MS Inf
Pvt; Co. H, 1st MS Cav Res
Pvt; Co. C, 20th MS Inf
3rd Lt; Stanford's Btty, MS Lt Arty
Pvt; Bradford's Scouts & Guards
Pvt; Co. C, 22nd MS Inf
Pvt; Co. D, 22nd MS Inf
Pvt; Co. A, 1st MS Lt. Arty
Capt: Co. I, 18th MS Inf
Pvt; Gain's Co., 22nd MS Inf
Pvt; Co. A, 42nd MS Inf
Pvt; Co. C / I, 20th MS Inf
Pvt; Co. K, 11th MS Inf
AQM; Co. C, F, F-S, 24th MS Inf
Pvt; Co. B, 43rd MS Inf
Pvt; Co. B, 15th MS Inf
Pvt; Co. A, 38th MS Inf (Mtd)
Pvt; Co. A, 1st MS Cav / Harvey's Scouts
Pvt; Co. E, 15th MS Inf
Pvt; Co. E, 37th MS Inf
Pvt; Swett's Co., Warren Lt Arty(MS)
Sgt; Co. E, 18th MS Inf
Pvt; Co. I, 13th MS Inf
Pvt; Co. B, 28th MS Cav
Pvt; Cpt Graves Co., 9th TN Inf
Capt; Co. B, 3rd MS Inf
Rev; Co. C, 5th MS Cav
Pvt; Co. K, 39th MS Inf
Cpl; Co. B, 7th MS Cav
Pvt; Co. A, 30th MS Inf
       Co. G, 22nd MS Inf
Capt; Co. C, 2nd MS Inf
Pvt; Co. C, 18th MS Inf
Pvt; Co. D, 25th LA Inf
Lt  ; Co. D, 6th AL Inf
Col; Co. K, F-S, 30th MS Inf
Pvt; Co. D, 28th MS Cav
Sidon Cemetery
  Hwy 49E, 7 miles south of Greenwood,
  cemetery south of Mt. Pigsah Cemetery
  Sidon, Mississippi
(Hall, E. R.)                              Pvt; Co. C, 14th MS Inf                                03-08-1842 to 05-31-1896  nm
Hall, Thomas R.                     Pvt; Co. C, 14th MS Inf                                 01-09-1846 to 03-11-1926  CH
HAtch, Richard Winter        Sgt; Co. D, 25th LA Inf                                 05-12-1833 to 10-08-1911
Hendricks, G. S.                      Pvt; Co. G, 28th MS Cav                              05-13-1844 to 02-06-1905
Hill, David Thomas                Pvt; Stanford's Co., Miss Lt Arty               06-14-1846 to 03-09-1926
Lavender, F. W.                      Pvt; 2nd Co. D, Wood's Conf Cav              06-09-1842 to 07-04-1912
Pate, Allen Sharkey               Pvt; Co. G/I, 22nd MS Inf                              no dates
Prophet, William R.                Pvt; Co. I, 43rd NC Inf                                   01-10-1846 to 07-14-1914
Smith, Gilbert Lafayette         Pvt; Co. G, 22nd MS Inf                                11-25-1836 to 11-24-1895

Bear Creek Cemetery
  Hwy 7S from Hwy 82E, 5 miles south turn right
  at cotton gin onto gravel road, County Road 548,
  go 2.5 miles west to cemtery.
  Itta Bena, Mississippi
Inlow, Arthur P.                    Pvt; Co. C, 6th AL Inf                            05-26-1841 to 09-24-1922
Lynchard, Charles B.            CSA on Headstone                                          1849 to 05-28-1928