Confederate Soldiers
Barbee Cemetery
  Hwy 61 N, 1/4 mile North of Hwy 49N turnoff to Helena, Ar
  Coahoma County, Mississippi
Barbee, Thomas N.
Brady, Harrison Graves

Cravens, James C.
(Graves, James)
Hunt, Ruffin

Rainey, Preston

Co. _, 44th Ms Inf
CSA Navy
Pvt; Co. D, 19th Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. B, 11th Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. B, 11th Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. D, 2nd Ms Cav  
        Southern Cross of Honor
Pvt; Co. F, 43rd Ms Inf
          1831 to 1865
07-29-1844 to 07-19-1908

10-__-1843 to 07-06-1909
10-__-1843 to 06-06-1909
03-29-1837 to 04-15-1887

03-16-1840 to 09-30-1892

Alcorn / Russell Family Cemetery
  Farrel - Eagle Nest Road Esat, one mile South of Jonestown
  Jonestown, Mississippi
Alcorn, Henry Lusk
Alcorn, James Lusk

Alcorn, Milton Stewart
Pvt; Co. H, 1st Ms Cav (Pinson)
Brig. Gen.; 1st Brig, Army of Mississippi
Army of 10,000,  1861
Maj; Co. H / F & S, 1st Ms Inf
01-17-1848 to 03-24-1865
11-04-1816 to 12-19-1894

09-07-1843 to 11-03-1879
Riverside Cemetery
  Oakridge Drive
  Friars Point, Mississippi
Aderholdt, Thomas Sylvanus
Fisher, Jackson
Trimble, Garland Anderson

Capt; Co. F, 32nd NC Inf
Pvt; Co. A, 35th Ala Inf
Pvt; Co. I, 29th Vir Inf
08-22-1846 to 06-10-1939
12-13-1831 to 07-03-1909
10-02-1839 to 12-21-1923  CH
Jonestown Cemetery
  Second Street, behind cotton compress
  Jonestown, Mississippi
Butler, G. W. , Sr.
Ganong, Luther Melanchthon
Ganong, William L.
O'Brien, Patrick

Pvt; Co. C, 2nd Ms Cav
Pvt, Co. B, 18th Ms Ca
1st Lt.; Co. K, 2nd Ms Inf
CSA Vet. on 1910 Census
12-23-1839 to 08-20-1907
08-18-1828 to 08-19-1900
08-30-1835 to 10-28-1861
03-17-1832 to 05-16-1913
La Grange Cemetery
  Corner of Dr. M.   l. King Avenue and Sunflower Street
  Clarksdale, Mississippi
Alcorn, William Aristedes
Anderson, James H.
Bobo, Robert Eager
Fontaine, Lamar

Frierson, Charles Durrin
Gibson, William A.
Graham, George P.
Harris, Richard Nelson
Hopson, Dr. Howel Harrison
Johnson, Tidence L.
King, Cecil W.
Lea, Nathaniel W.
Loyed, Joseph M.
Page, Robert B.
Robards, Luther M.
Simmons, James L.
Stuart, Edward
(Suddeth, Alexander D.)
Williams, William F.
Williams, William Patrick
Pvt; Co. H, 1st Ms Cav
Pvt; Provost Duty, CSA Cav
Pvt; Co. K / L, 18th Ms Cav
Maj: F / S, 4th La Cav
        Co. K, 18th Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. E, 35th Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. H, 35th Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. B, 1st Ga Cav
Adj.; Co. C / G, 27th Al Vols Inf
2nd Lt.; Co. B, 11th Ms Inf
2nd Lt.; Co. B, 11th Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. A, Power's Ms Cav
Ord Sgt; Co. D, 9th Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. B, Jeff Davis Legion Cav
Pvt; Co. K, 23rd Ms Inf
       Co. E, 23rd Ar
Cpl; Co. F, 21st Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. K, 18th Ms Inf
Capt; Co. K, 23rd Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. K, 3rd Battn Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. A, 12th Ms Cav
08-15-1841 to 08-04-1921
03-13-1846 to 01-28-1927
09-13-1847 to 12-16-1902
10-10-1829 to 10-01-1912

01-07-1838 to 07-30-1897
01-11-1839 to 11-30-1880
          1844 to 30-15-1922  CH
09-17-1843 to 08-28-1917
02-22-1833 to 12-30-1879
05-18-1817 to 02-29-1870
01-18-1846 to 10-22-1924
          1835 to 1911
10-14-1835 to 09-17-1898
02-28-1844 to 07-17-1864
          1845 to 1925
07-07-1840 to 04-09-1925
04-12-1823 to 01-16-1912
          1821 to 1905             nm
          1847 to 1926             CH
09-07-1845 to 09-27-1895