Confederate Soldiers
Old Greenville Cemetery (Extinct)
  "Yellow Fever Cemetery"
  North Poplar Street
  Greenville, Mississippi
Brooks, David Emerson
Buckner, James H.
Burdett, Marshal
Gaddis, Thomas
Hinds, Cameron Howell
Johnson, Nicholas B.
Mangham, Thomas J.
Shannahan, Daniel M.
Pvt; Co. E, Power's MS Cav
Pvt; Co. D, 28th MS Cav
3rd Sgt; Co. D, 28th MS Cav
Asst. Surg; F - S, 2nd MS Cav
1st Lt.; Cpt Darden's Baty, Jefferson Lt. Arty
Pvt; Co. I, 22nd Miss Inf
Pvt; 1st Miss Lt Arty
Pvt; Co. D, 28th Miss Cav
03-07-1847 to 09-02-1878
04-06-1844 to 09-16-1878
04-06-1838 to 11-01-1878
          1834 to 1878
          1808 to 05-13-1868
02-29-1832 to 09-06-1876 
09-06-1832 to 06-16-1889
          1832 to 10-16-1871
Jewish Cemetery
  South Main Street
  Greenville, Mississippi
Hirsch, Jacob
Storm, Edward

Pvt; Co. D, 28th Miss Cav
          1834 to 03-28-1883
08-09-1843 to 06-25-1904
Paxton Family Cemetery
  Old Hwy 61S, South of Leland
  Old Kinlock Plantation, Washington County
Paxton, Andrew Jackson
1st Lt; Co. A, Washington Co. Miltia
03-18-1816 to 10-03-1900
Rives Family Cemetery
  Old Hwy 61S, 1 mile north of Arcola
  Arcola, Mississippi
Rives, James M.
Pvt; Co. D, 28th Miss Cav
03-28-1837 to 09-30-1862
All but Thomas J. Mangham have memorial headstones in the UDC Plot in the Greenville Cemetery. Thomas has a flat slab marker. Their remains were never removed when the cemetery was cleared to make room for a park. There are five other markers in this cemetery along with remains of many headstones.