Confederate Soldiers
Greenville Cemetery,  cont.
Valliant, Franklin
Vaughan, John Smith
Vaught, Greenup C.
Walker, Charles G.
Ward, John W.
Williams, Merritt
Williams, Daniel
Winter, C. A.
Winter, Edward D.

Worthinton, Albert Daughtery
Worthington, William Mason

Wyche, Drew W.

Yerger, Grant Bowen
Yerger, George S.
Yerger, Harry "Hal"
Yerger, William
Yerger, William Gwin

Pvt, Maj; Co. D, 28th Ms Cav
Pvt; Cpt Darden's Baty, Jeff. Ms Lt Arty
Sgt; Byrne's Baty, Ky Horse Arty
1st Lt.; New Co. A, 5th La Inf "Crescent"
Capt; Co. F, 12th Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. B, 2oth Batn Ga Cav
Pvt; Co. D, 4th Ms Cav
Pvt; Co. F, 28th TN Inf
       Co. B, 28th (Cons) TN Inf
1st Lt.; Co. H, 1st Ms Cav
2nd Lt.; Co. H, 1st Ms Cav
1st Lt. ; Insp. Gen., Gen Armstrong's Staff
Sgt; Co. K, 25th Tx Cav
       Co. K, Gransbury's Cons. Tx Brig.
Pvt; Co. D, 28th Ms Cav
Pvt; Co. D, 28th Ms Cav
1st Lt.; Co. D, 28th Ms Cav
1st Lt, Maj; Co. C / F-S, Armistead's Cav
2nd Lt.; Co. D, 28th Ms Cav

03-29-1831 to 02-08-1886
01-11-1826 to 06-27-1906   CH
          1841 to 08-__-1886  CH
10-05-1843 to 12-03-1897
05-02-1824 to 04-26-1905
08-24-1840 to 08-08-1937
05-21-1832 to 06-12-1902  CH
04-__-1840 to 04-02-1904
01-10-1842 to 08-29-1900

06-23-1839 to 12-18-1863
07-16-1835 to 02-16-1897

          1840 to 05-30-1896

06-07-1846 to 11-29-1864
10-04-1836 to 11-27-1865
05-02-1842 to 10-09-1886
01-28-1842 to 09-30-1914
01-22-1840 to 11-06-1889
nm :  no marker
CH :  Confederate Headstone
Leland - Stoneville Cemetery
  Old Leland Road, West
  Leland, Mississippi
Blackmore, Robert N.
Collier, John Brackette
Day, Elbert Ripley
Helm, George Meredith
Kirkland, John Reese
CSA Vet on 1890 Soldier Schedule
Cpl; Co. K, 14th Ms Inf
Pvt, Scout; Co. B, 39th Ms Inf
Maj.; Engineering Corps
Pvt; Co. E, 21st Ms Inf
          1833 to 1916
02-21-1840 to 05-16-1916
11-29-1833 to 07-19-1920
10-04-1837 to 02-23-1930
          1846 to 1929