Confederate Soldiers
Aycock Cemetery
  1.5 miles South of Pace on a gravel road located on banks of Bogue          Phalia Pace, Mississippi
Aycock, George Carruth
Aycock, John F.
Aycock, Langdon P.
Johnson, John M.
Pollard, Joseph M.
Williams, Church Littleton
The following is a listing of known Confederate Veterans buried in these cemeteries. There are many more who could have served but have not been identified.  Anyone knowing of any Confederate Veteran not listed, please contact Dan A. McCaskill.
Pvt; Co. G, 8th Ms Cav / Duke's Scouts
Pvt; Co. E, 28th MS Cav
Sgt;Co. A, 20th Ms Inf
Pvt; Co. C, 42nd Ms Reg't
Cpl; Co. C, 16th Tn Inf
Cpl; Co. G, 14th Ms Inf
02-21-1846 to 05-08-1923  CH
no dates, Confederate Headstone
05-12-1838 to 04-04-1898
          1846 to 1922
no dates, Confederate Headstone
died 1911 , Confederate Headstone
Beulah Cemetery
  MS Hwy 1 No.
  Beulah, Mississippi
Christmas, Charles T.
Davidson, Pitser Miller
Farrar, Charles Clark
Jones, Charles Lafayette
Kingsley, Henry Clay
Lee, Philip Hughes
McGuire, T. Richard
Miller, Bender Nail
Montgomery, Frank Alexander
Shelby, Dr. J. I. J.
Shelby, Oscar L.
Sillers, Joseph C.

Wilson, Joseph C.
Wilson, W. W.
1 - Unknown
Cpl; Co. H, 1st Ms Cav
Pvt; Co. H, 1st Ms Cav
Pvt; Co. H, 1st Ms Cav
2nd Lt.; Co. H, 1st Ms Cav
Pvt; Co. H, 1st Ms Cav
name on UDC Memorial
1st Sgt; Co. H, 1st Ms Cav
Pvt; Stono Scouts, SC Cav
Col; F / S, 1st Ms Cav
name on UDC Memorial
Capt; Co. M, 5th Ms Inf
Pvt; 2nd Bn Montgomery's St Tr
       Ms Cav, Herrndon Rangers
1st Cpl; Co. A / H, 21st Ms Vols
name on UDC Memorial

          1844 to 12-27-1909
11-05-1838 to 09-20-1869
10-29-1838 to 12-06-1905
          died 02-03-1907
06-25-1834 to 09-03-1873
01-05-1847 to 02-20-1874
          1844 to 1903
07-02-1834 to 08-09-1910 CH
01-07-1830 to 12-16-1903
11-23-1825 to 12-28-1879
03-22-1843 to 02-19-1909
01-28-1824 to 05-06-1865

09-16-1840 to 02-26-1914
03-14-1843 to 09-05-1889

Beevers Cemetery
  Westside of Jones Bayou along North Bayou Road
  Cleveland, Mississippi

Beevers, Silvester Cade
2nd Lt. ; Co. B, 2nd Regt Mtd Men
03-13-1819 to 11-18-1889
Burrus Cemetery
  Off County Road 448, South of Benoit behind Burrus House
  Benoit, Mississippi
Bedon, William Zalinski
Burrus, Judge John Crawford
Mason, James Washington
Nelson, John Sharpe
Rife, William W.
Sutherland, Dr. Hugh Lewis

Asst. Surg.; Palmetto SS, Bratton's Brig.
Pvt; Co. A, 1st Bn (Miller's) Ms Cav
CSA Vet on 1910 Census
Pvt; Co. D, 28th Ms Cav
Pvt; Co. A, Jeff Davis Legion Cav
Pvt, Co. H, 3rd Ms Cav ( St. Troop )
09-12-1837 to 12-12-1880  CH
09-05-1847 to 11-28-1928
01-14-1836 to 10-31-1924
04-10-1831 to 04-13-1880
10-14-1835 to 04-14-1905
04-27-1848 to 02-18-1915
Six Confederate casualties from skirmish at Stormville Landing reportedly buried here.
Clark Family Cemetery
  Doro Plantation, 2 miles South of Beulah next to levee
Charles Clark

George R. Jacobs
Unknown Confederate
Brig. Gen.; 1st Division
                   Polk's 1st Corp
                   Army of Mississippi
Clark's Son-in-Law
05-24-1811 to 12-18-1877

           1845 to 1897
Old Boyle Cemetery
  Hwy 61N, one mile South of Boyle, East of Highway
  Boyle, Mississippi
Alford, William M.
Pvt; Co. E, 6th Tex Cav
01-01-1844 to 03-13-1877