Below are listed events for the 2013 Campaign. 
Those in RED are MAXIMUM effort events.  Those in GREEN are Jeff Davis Guard events.  All other events are listed for your convenience and interest.  As the year unfolds, more maybe added.

  • 3/8-9 - Fort Pemberton Living History - Co. K, 30th MS Infantry
150th Anniversary of Fort Pemberton

• 4/6 - Symposium at Museum of Mississippi Delta
150th Anniversary of Fort Pemberton Living History
(Co. K, 30th MS Infantry)
  • 4/14 - Greenvile Camp Memorial Service
(Summer CS Marine Attire)
  • 4/20 - Soldier's Rest Rededication in Vicksburg, MS
(Co. K, 30th MS Infantry)
  • 4/27 – Mississippi Division Memorial Service at Beavior

  • 5/24-26 - 150th Anniversary of Battle of Helena, Ark
(Federal Impression)

  • 6/14-16 - 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Hernando, MS
(Federal Impression)
  • 6/21-22 - MS Division Reunion will be in Pearl, MS

  • 7/18-20 - SCV National Reunion in Vicksburg

• Jeff Davis Guard Battalion Meeting

  • National Event at Chickamauga - September 19-22, 2013
(Confederate Impression)

  • 10/10-13 - Battle of Farmington, MS
(Federal Impression)
  • 10/17-19 - Fall Muster at Beauvior
(CS Marine Impression summer attire)

• Wirt Adams’ Raid, Natchez, MS
(Federal Impression)

2013 Schedule of Events