Company F
"Capt. Allen's Company"
30th Mississippi Infantry
    The following muster roll of Officers, NCOs and Enlisted is taken from the book entitled "Oh for Dixie, The Civil War Record and Diary of Capt. William V. Davis" by Joe and Lavon Ashley. Anyone having additional listings, please sent to Dan A. McCaskill .

      Company F was raised in Sunflower County; mustered into Confederate service at Grenada on March 10, 1862 for the term of three years or the War. Capt. John K. Allen, commander, succeeded by Capt. William M. McCulloch.

Officers and NCOs

  Captain........ John K. Allen, promoted Major on Sept 23, 1863, promoted Lt. Col.
  1st Lieut.......  William M. McCulloch, promoted Capt.
  2nd Lieut.....  Daniel J. Townson, resigned
                          James D. Giddings
                          Joseph C. Money, promoted 1st Lieut.
                          Benjamin H. Rutland
  Sgt. Maj......   Horace L. Smith
  1st Sgt.........   William D. Marlow
  Sgt................  Isaac R. Dyche
                          Immanuel Hindman
                          John B. Murray
                          Thomas K. Randle
  Cpl...............  Robert F. Barr
                          JessieB. Benson
                          Leander L. Casey
                          Francis J. Coleman
                          Martin W. Humphrey
                          Thomas H. Payne, promoted to 1st Sgt


Ashley, John
Ashly, Eulicious J.
Barber, Thomas L.
Baylous, Joseph F.
Beasley, Richard
Beasley, Thomas
Beck, John F.
Betty, Robert B.
Brown, Jackson
Brown, William
Bush, William J.
Chipman, Robert C.
Coffer, John Z.
Davis, Willam M.
Dewberry, William
Duthie, John H.
Eberts, Joseph
Fields, William H.
Foster, William S.
Frazier, Addison L.
Glenn, J. W. C.
Goodwin, G. W.
Goss, Jacob
Goss, Mathew G.
Grimes, Shepherd
Gunnels, William
Hall, W. P.
Hindman, W. J.
Hobby, John
Hornbeck, Abram
Howard, J. D.
Hyatt, Charles B.
Hyatt, Felix G.
Hynum, James A.
Joiner, Joshua W.
Kimble, Alexander
Lambert, Gilford
Lynchard, Alexander S.
Lynchard, William
Maddin, John A.
Marsh, William
Matthews, A. M.
McArthur, Oliver
McCarther, Abraham W.
McCarther, William
McMurchey, Thomas
Montjoy, Andrew J.
Moore, John
Moore, William L.
Morehead, Andrew J.
Morehead, Joseph C.
Morehouse, Alexander B.
Nichols, W. T.
Parton, Alfred M.
Patten, A. M.
Powell, G. M.
Powell, W. P.
Reygan, George W.
Robbins, G. W.
Simms, Sanford W.
Smith, Minor
Spradly, Hyrum W.
Tye, John
Tyeer, Jonatha E.
Walton, James B.
Weatherly, Leroy M.
Weatherly, Thomas D.
Weatherly, W. R.
Webb, Pulaskie D. L.
Wiley, Henry E.

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