Company D
"Dixie Heroes"
30th Mississippi Infantry
  The following muster roll of Officers, NCOs and Enlisted comes from the book entitled "Oh for Dixie! The Civil War Record and Diary of Capt. William V. Davis" by Joe and Lavon Ashley. Any additions to this muster  can be sent to Dan A. McCaskill .

   The "Dixie Heroes" was raised in Attala County, its Officers commissioned on March 11, 1862.  The Company was mustered into Confederate service in Grenada, Mississippi on March 25,1862 for a term of three years.

Officers and NCOs

Captain................ William V. Davis
1st Lieut............... John J. Roberts
                               Enos H. Lawrence
2nd Lieut............. Eli Ayers
                               John D. Taylor
                               George M. C. Davis
                               Jonathan J. Davis
1st Sgt.................. John Scott Ray
Sgt......................... Steven A. Boyett
                               Thomas P. Doughty
                               Thomas J. Griffin
                               Thomas N. Ingram
                               Isaac Musselwhite
                               W. T. Smith
4th Sgt.................. T. H. B. Ayres
Cpl........................ D. C. Chestnutt
                               A. L. L. Glasscock
                               George Fellows Mitchell
                               Whitman W. Mitchell
                               Samuel M. Murff
                               W. C. O'Neal
                               W. J. Rhodes
                               J. T. Rose
                               George W. Stone
                               Ezekiel Veazey
                               James W. Woodard

Archer, G. W.
Barnett, William R.
Bates, James M.
Bates, Paschal Y.
Berry, E. U.
Berry, William Benjamin
Boone, L. Frazier
Bowers, Robert
Bowie, William Tully
Bowie, Wilson E.
Boyett, E. F.
Boyett, R. T.
Bridges, James
Brister, James W.
Burk, V. Judson
Burnett, John T.
Burnett, Robert T.
Calcote, M. P.
Carmack, George W.
Carr, Samuel
Carter, Solomon J.
Casey, James D.
Chapman, William
Chestnutt, Joseph
Chestnutt, Samuel M.
Chestnutt, Sylvester M.
Clark, William
Cole, A. J.
Cole, Joel H.
Cole, William Franklin
Crawford, D.
Cummins, William M.
Daughty, Joseph M.
Davidson, William M.
Davis, Joshua L.
Doss, G. W.
Duke, Stephen T.
Duncan, James R.
Eakin, William A.
Frierson, Edwin D.
Gibbs, Thomas J.
Glasscock, M. W.
Gober, William D.
Graham, Sanford K.
Green, Orange
Green, W. J.
Gregory, Huburn F.
Harison, Henry
Harris, Allen B.
Harris, J. M.
Harrison, Henry H.
Henderson, Daniel W.
Herring, Felix G.
Herring, Houston A.
Herring, Lewis
Herron, David H.
Hines, Miller A.
Hodge, James A.
Hodge, William Thomas
Holt, James W.
Hubbert, W. J.
Hudson, Samuel C.
Huggins, William H.
Hughes, George C.
Hughes, Joseph G.
Hughes, Lorenzo D.
Hughes, Willis M.
Hunter, James C.
Jones, C. Allen
Killingsworth, Matthew M.
Lee, William
Littleton, Isaac B.
Long, Benjamin
Lowery, James C.
Lowery, James R.
Lowery, W. M.
Massengal, Henry
Massey, Franklin A.
Massey, Thomas D.
Mayfield, Duncan
Mayfield, W. Sidney
McCool, James T.
McCool, James W.
McCool, Rufus G.
McKnight, Andrew J.
McKnight, Isaac
McKnight, John
Meek, Hiram L.
Miller, Andrew M.
Miller, William
Mitchell, Albert Pierce
Mitchell, Benjamin F.
Moore, John
Moore, John A.
Murff, John A.
Murff, Robert Felton
O'Reagan, Timothy
Owen, J. W.
Pearce, Eli
Pearce, H. P.
Pearce, Sam
Pearce, Seaborn T.
Pearce, William
Pearson, Marchs
Purser, John
Ray, H. J.
Ray, James M.
Reece, William P.
Rhodes, Lafayette
Rhodes, Thomas
Riddle, J. T.
Robertson, William T.
Robinson, William T.
Rodgers, Wiley P.
Russell, James
Sallis, W. J.
Saxton, E.
Saxton, Randolph
Scrivner, James J.
Shannon, Thomas
Skinner, A. W.
Stevens, Marion F.
Stevens, Wiley
Stuckey, P. R.
Taylor, Andrew J.
Taylor, Elias
Taylor, John W.
Taylor, Robert G.
Turner, Elisha P.
Vance, J. N.
Vance, Joshua T.
Waddell, Abel I.
Walker, Alexander
Waller, Tucker
Wheeless, William J.
White, Daniel A.
White, Green B.
White, Joseph B.
White, Joseph G.
White, William E.
White, Wright R.
Whitehead, Amzi M.
Williams, James K.
Woodall, James J.
Woolly, Richard C.
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