Muster Roll of
Company D
28th Mississippi Cavalry
organized Mar 9, 1862

This Muster was complied from the following sources: Muster Rolls of 1862 and 1863, Muster Rolls compiled by Dunbar Rowland, Greenville Times Newspaper, John S. Joors copy of the final Muster in 1865, and The Roster of Confederate Soldiers,1861-1865. Anyone finding an error or omission, please contact Dan A. McCaskill.
Officers and Non-commission Officers, March 9,1862
Captain:          Blackburn, George T.                 captured in 1863
1st Lieut.:        Johnson, Benjamin
2nd Lieut.:      Nugent, William L.
Jr. 2nd Lieut.: Fowler, Thomas N.                      wounded
1st Serg.:        Haile, John J.                             4th Sgt in 1864, KIA at Atlanta, GA
2nd Serg.:      Trigg, Wyndham R.
3rd Serg.:       Wolfe, Charles W.                        1st Sgt in 1863
4th Serg.:        Nelson, Newman T.                     2nd Sgt in 1863
5th Serg.:        Jelks, James W.                         died from wounds received at Franklin, TN,                                                                            April 10,1863
1st Corp.:         Scott, John A.                           transferred to 20th MS Inf on Oct 15, 1862
2nd Corp.:       Campbell, William R.
3rd Corp.:        Robb, Eugene Augustus            3rd Sgt., Sept 1865
4th Corp.:        Nelson, John Sharpe
Bugler             Waterman, Leopold                   deserted in 1863
Color Bearer    McKeone, Patrick

Ash, J.                                                  captured in Washington County, Jul 29, 1863
Allen, E. O.
Bankston, Isaac
Bankston, J.
Bankston, W. L.
Barkley, Q. T.                                       killed in battle
Bell, Richard H.                                     sergeant
Belote, W. S.
Bergin, John
Bernard, W. B.
Best, W. S.
Blanton, William Campbell
Bower, C. F.
Bowie, C. T.                                         killed in battle
Boyd, A. P.
Boyd, J. L.
Boykin, R.
Bracken, Thomas C.
Bradford, J. S.                                      captured in Washington County, Jul 11, 1863
Bradley, B. S.
Brazwell, E. J.
Brice, A. H.
Brinkley, W. H.
Brooks, E. F.
Brooks, G.
Browder, G. W.
Brown, C. A.
Brown, J. M.
Bryan, Eratus Jones
Buck, H. C.
Buckner, Davis M.
Buckner, H. C.
Buckner, James H.
Bunn, A.
Bunn, J.
Bunn, R.
Burdett, Marshal                                   3rd Corporal in 1865
Burdett, Richard A.                               Prisoner of War
Carter, A. Grayson                                wounded
Church, W. B.
Clark, D.
Clary or Clairy, Bud
Clary or Clairy, Frank
Clary or Clairy, Robert                          Forage Master
Cox, J. G.
Cooper, Thaddeus E. J.
Crouch, John B.
Davidson, W. J.                                   Died at Vicksburg from disease Jul 31, 1862
Denson, John E.                                   Prisoner of War
Dixon, Harry St. John
Dixon, J. P.
Dunn, John Nelson
Dunn, Thomas K.
Eatmond, L. G.                                     Captured in Washington County, Jul 11, 1863
Ellis, J.
Erwin, Victor Flournoy
Farbish, E. E.
Farrar, C. S.
Farrul, T. J.
Faught, A. E.
Faught, J. E.
Fisher, John S.
Folkes, T. F.
Fowler, F. M.
Franklin, M. D. L.
Franklin, William
Fraser, E. S.                                         Died from wounds received at Franklin, TN
                                                            Apr 10, 1863
Freshwater, D.
Garrett, J.
Garrett, P. P.                                         Wounded
Gelps, J. M.                                          Killed in Battle, 3rd Corporal
Gill, B. F.
Green, J. B.                                           Wounded
Gregory, B. R.
Hamel, J.
Harper, J. D.
Hart, George
Herbert, Edward                                    4th Sergeant in 1865
Hickman, J. H.
Hickman, M. or H.                                 Coutier
Hill, F. J.
Hill, T. H.
Hodge, Charles                                    Died in 1863 from disease
Holford, J. H.
Holmes, S.
Holesapple, W. H.
Hood, A. J.
Hopper, J. D.
Humphreys, Hugh                                 4th Corporal in 1864
Hunt, A. G.
Hunt, George Blackburn
Hunt, G. W.
Hunt, William E.                                   Captain, Company Commander at end of War
Hunter, Ambrose A.
James, J. T.
James, T. J.
Janson, T. L.
Jelks, G. M.
Johnson, F.
Johnson, V. F.
Jones, A. A.
Jones, Evan T.                                      Discharged June 1863 for disability
Jones, F. H.
Jones, H. W.
Joar, J. Q.
Joor, John Shelby
Kelby, J. W.
Kirk, Hugh P.                                        KIA Battle of Franklin, TN; buried in McGavock Cem.
Lacey, John S.
Lavin, Barnard
Lee, John Monterey
Lee, J. S.
Lee, Nathaniel W.                                 Died Dec 25, 1862 from wounds received near
                                                            Panola, MS
Lehey, William                                      Discharged in 1862 for disability
Leigh, J.
Lemon, H. F.                                        Died at Panola, MS from disease
Lewis, S. L.
Lisiecki, S. L.                                       transferred on Mar 8, 1862
Loose, L. S.
Love, Daniel Alexander                         Captured in Washington County Jul 11, 1863
Lynn, Milton
Mason, J. M.
Mason, J. W.
Masonheimer, Walter                            Wounded
McClannahan, C. W.
McCoy, M. C.                                       Died from wounds received at Franklin, TN 4-10-1863
McCutchen, John Mosby
McGill, B.
McMeekin, John
Melchor or Melchior, H. H.                    Prisoner of War
Mills, B. B.
Mills, J. B.
Moffett or Moffat, William
Moore, Thomas A.
Morris, E. E.
Moseley or Mosley, Joseph R.
Nelson, Edward
Nelson, John H.
Nelson, S.                                             Discharged Aug 20, 1862 for disability
Newman, A. W.
Nichols, J.
Nicholson, Z. L. or J. L.
Nickles, F.
Norman, J. H.
Norwood, D.
Nugent, Clarence J.
Offat or Offutt, B. A.                              Wounded, 3rd Sgt in 1863
Overton, R. S.                                       Wounded
Peters, Louis
Poole, Isaac M.
Poole, J. H. or J. M.
Powell, G. P.
Powell, J. M.
Powell, T. W.
Raffington, Augustus Bolton "Gus"      Corporal in 1864, KIA at Mt. Carmel, TN; Nov 29,1864 
Reese, G. W.                                         3rd Corporal in 1863
Reeves, T. G.                                        Died from disease on Oct 31, 1863
Rives, J. M.                                         Died from disease on Sept 30, 1862
Robertson, J. H.
Rowland, G. W.
Ruddick, Thomas
Rutland, N. G.
Satterwhite, J.
Schepner, Charles M.
Scott, Charles
Scott, Guinard                                      Killed at Campbellville, TN
Shannahan, Daniel M.
Shannon, W. F.                                     Discharged on Oct 15, 1862 for disability
Shelby, W. W.
Shrewsbury, J. W.
Shrimski, S.                                         Killed in Battle
Skinner, Joshua
Smiley, Alpheus N.
Smith, James Maglin                            Captain
Smith, J. M.                                          Died from disease on Sept 26, 1862
Smith, J. H.
Smithheart or Smithhart, O. E.
Smithheart or Smithhart, S. D.              Wounded
Snyder, R. L.                                         Discharged for disability on Jul 12, 1862
Sprague, O. R.
St. Clair, H. T.
Storm, Edward                                      Prisoner of War
Stover, Fred, Jr.                                    Died from disease on Oct 3, 1862
Suddith, J. H.
Sutton, Benjamin Humphries                Prisoner of War
Sutton, R. C.                                         Died from disease on Jul 17, 1862
Sutton, Thomas Jefferson
Swain or Swaine, J. J.                          2nd Corporal in 1863
Switzer, J. T.
Talbott, Talbutt or Tallbutt, Charles B.
Taylor, B. F.
Terrill, H.
Terrill, J. C.
Terrill, W. C.
Terrill, W. M.                                        Wounded
Thompson, J. F.
Thompson, J. H.
Thorn, W. W.
Tomlinson, John A.                              Transferred to Surgeon Staff as Assistant Surgeon
Tupper, C. F.
Turnbull, L. G.
Tutt, John G.
Valliant, Franklin                                  Promoted to Major
Vanmeter, J. A.                                     Captured in Washington County Jul 11, 1863
Vickery, Charles
Wakefield, M. S.
Wallace, J. M.                                       Died from disease on Nov 14, 1862
Wallis or Wallace, William A.
Walne, G. P.
Walne, R.
Warfield, A.
Warfield, Edward K.
Warfield, L.
Warfield, W. P.
Waters, S. P.                                         Transferred to Gen. Polk's Staff on Apr 15, 1863
Watson, H. A.
Weigert, Wash
Weise, John                                          Wounded at Franklin, TN Apr 10, 1863, POW in 1864
Wells, J. A.                                           Discharged Jul 1863 for disability
Williams, S. L.
Wilson, Kendrick Roscoe                      Corporal
Wise, J. A.
Yerger, Grant Bowen                             Killed at Battle of Mt. Carmel, TN Nov 29, 1864
Yerger, George S.
Yerger, Harry (Hal)                                 1st Lieut. in 1863
Yerger, Lemuel Purnell        
Yerger, William Arthur
Yerger, W. B.
Yerger, William Gwin                            1st Lieut., Regimental Inspector General