1st Mississippi Cavalry
Company H, "Bolivar Troop"
  The following Muster Roll was compiled using Dunbar Rowland's muster roll at MS State Archives, letters written by Capt.  John M. Montgomery, Co. H, 1st Ms Cav, published in the Washington County Historical Society Papers, and "Reminiscenes of a Mississippian In War and Peace" by
Col. Frank A. Montgomery, 1st Ms Cav. Contact Dan A. McCaskill with information or corrections.
Original Field Officers

Charles Clark
Frank Alexander Montgomery
Gadi Herrin
D. C. Herndon
Charles Lafayette Jones
Frank Gayden
Dickinson Bell
1st Captain; later Brig-Gen. in Polk's Corps, Governor of Mississippi
2nd Captain; later Colonel and regimental commander
3rd Captain; killed in action at Dallas, Ga 5-26-64, Atlanta Campaign
1st Lieut; rose to rank of Major
2nd Lieut
2nd Lieut
3rd Lieut
Enlisted Men
Alcorn, William Aristedes
Alcorn, Hal
*Alcorn, Henry
Alexander, E. B.
Allen, J. D.
Barker, Wiliam
Barnett, John C.
Baskin, J. S.
Beard, James
Bishop, O. P.
Blanchard, Dr.
Blanchard, E. L.
Blanchard, John
Blanchard, S. W.
Blaincoe, J. H.
Blinkoe, A. J. ; Capt
Boardman, William
Bogue, Tom J. ; Sgt
Bowman, J. M.
Boyce, John P.
Brewer, D.
Bridges, Harry ; 4th Cpl
Bridges, Henry
Bridges, William  ; 2nd Lt
Brown, John H.
Camp, L. M.
Canaer, W. R.
Carter of La
Chambers, T. P.
Chambers, Samuel
#Christmas, Charles T. ; Cpl
Clay, Dennis
Clay, J. J.
Coe, Milford
Coleman, Edwin I.
Coleman, Oscar F. ; Cpl
Conner, A. B.
Cook, Claughter
Cooke, S. G.  ; 2nd Sgt
Craig, John P.
Curtis, Ed
Curtis, Enoch
Davidson, D. W.
Davidson, Nahim P. ; Sgt
Davidson, Pitser Miller
DeBruler, John
Dennis, I. I.
Dickey, Jason
Dickey, John
Dilworth, George H.
Doan, E.
Downs, Matt ( J. M. )
Durden, L. M.
Durden, T. W. ; Sgt
Dyer, James
Eaden, J.
Eastman or Eatman, A.
*Elliot, Henry
Estill, C. L.
Farrar, Charles Clark

Finger, John
Flynn, William
Frank, Theodore
Gill, R. G.
Glap, William
Glass, J. C.
Glass, William
Goodrich, Henry P.
Graham, Thomas
Grant, E. M.
Hamilton, John
Harris, A. G. ; 4th Sgt
Hatton, Patrick
Heath, J.
Heath, James
Heath, Pat
Herdon, H. O.
Holliday, W. F.
Howell, Hansel
Hubbard, George H.
Hughes, M. L.
Hullens, Patrick
Hullum, John
Humes, Thomas W. ; Sgt
Hunter, L. M.
Ireland, S. S.
Irwin, H. H.
Jean, S. F.
Jones, James
Jones, Jim
Jordan, C. W.
Jordan, J. T.
Justice, A. B.
Kelly, S. C.
Kingsley, Henry Clay
*Kingsley, Orrin ; Sgt
Lawler, John ; 1st Cpl
Lewis, Charles
Lightfoot, George T.
Lindsey, J.
Lobdell, Caleb S.
Lobdell, Livingston L. ; 3rd Lt
Looney, R. A.
Mallett, H.
Malone, M. L.
Mattingly, James
McCoy, William H.
*McCullough, Nat H.
McGuire, Charles L.
McGuire, Dick ; Ord. Sgt
McGuire, T. Richard ; 1st Sgt
Milan, D. B.
Miller, John Calvin
Miller, R. C.
Montgomery, Daniel Cameron ; later
         Chief Surgeon of the Regiment
Montgomery, John Malcom ; Capt
*Montgomery, William Flournoy 
Moore, Marney
Moore, Oeyton E.
Neilson, D. W.
Newman, J. H.
Newman, Joseph
Niles, Dr. S. D. G.
Noble, John
Norton, E.
O'Brien, William
O'Bryan, William
Orr, Joseph
Owens, A. D. ; Sgt
Owens, J. M.
Peak, Jeff P.
Peake, William H. ; Cpl
Pernell, William T.
Phillips, W. T.
Philpot, J. N.
Purnell, George
Reinach, David
Reneau, Henry G.
Reneau, H. L.
Roden, George W.
Rogers, James W.
Rop, J. J.
Ross, Dr. J. J.
Saunders, Alf
Saunders, Charley W.
Saunders, Webb
Sherrer, John
Simmons, Malicha
Smith of Ark
Smith of La
Smith, J. B.
#Spencer, Thomas H.
Stansell, W. N.
Starke, S. A.
Stevens, L. H.
Stevens, W. C.
Stewart, John B. ; 3rd Lt
Stewart, John M.
Stone, J. K.
Strayhorn, J. D.
Sykes, L. M.
Thayer, John B.
Thompson, John
Townes, James
Trawick, J. W.
Tuley, Frank M.
Wager, P. B.
Wheat, H. C.
Wheat, J. M.
White, H. H.
Williamson, W. W.
*Worthington, Albert D.
Worthington, Ben T.
Worthington, Charley T. ; Cpl
Worthington, Edward T. ; Sgt
Worthington, Tom P.
Worthington, William Mason; 1st Lt
Worthington, William W. ; 1st Lt
Yarborough, T. L.